babyHydro Ltd was formed in October 2008 to specialise in the design and implementation of complete micro and small-scale hydropower solutions across Scotland.  We are focused on run-of-river schemes between 10kW to 500kW and work with landowners, businesses and communities to identify the potential and then manage the construction.  This takes us from the ‘Discovery’ stage where we scope the outline of the scheme, through all of the subsequent cascade of stages to achieve full operation, and on to maintenance.


We started with our Hydrobot® model which was used by the Scottish Government to assess the scale and potential for  hydropower expansion in Scotland.  We continue to use the model in our core business (primarily in the Discovery stage) and have  developed it for use on storage schemes and deployment overseas.

But we quickly recognised that when potential is identified, clients often want us to take them through the whole process, and this is what we now do!


           Small-scale hydro - from idea to operation


In 2015 we expanded our size range downwards to include pico hydro (0-10kW) and we now import the PowerSpout range of turbines from New Zealand.

We are passionate about hydro, and see a significant opportunity for clients, and Scotland as a whole, to derive value from water flowing down the hill-sides.  This is Scotland after all, and it never rains but it pours!