The company consists of seven people with a broad range of experience pertinent to the task of developing small-scale hydro power schemes.

Full-time Directors


Nick Forrest:  Nick is an Environmental Engineer with first class honours in Environmental Science and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh.  He led the Scottish Hydro Power Resource Study (2008) commissioned by The Forum for Renewable Energy in Scotland (FREDS), and the Employment Potential of Scotland’s Hydro Resource (2009), both on behalf of the Scottish Government.  As an integral component of these studies Nick developed and applied Hydrobot® hydro modelling software, which we are now employing to identify commercially viable sites for landowners across Scotland.

Gordon Black:  Gordon worked full-time on the development of small-scale hydropower schemes between 2008 and 2015, and continues to support babyHydro from a strategic and marketing perspective.  He delivers the British Hydrological Association's hydropower training courses, in conjunction with David Williams, the BHA's former chief executive.  Gordon has an Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Strathclyde University and a MBA in Strategic Marketing.

Supporting Directors

David Scanlan:  David is a Mechatronics Engineer with an Honours Degree from the University of Abertay.  He has worked in the pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive industries and still provides Subsea Engineering consulting services to North Sea oil and gas operators.

Douglas Perry:  Douglas has 30 years of hydraulics and pneumatics experience gained through ownership of his engineering company, Universal Services (Clydesdale) Ltd based in Lanarkshire. His client base is extensive and includes companies in the sectors of; oil, marine, renewable energy, recycling and manufacturing.