Regional Surveys

Hydrobot® can be used as an integral part of bespoke consultancy projects to determine the potential across a defined area such as an estate, river catchment area or indeed a county.


Mull & Iona Community Trust

In November 2009 Hydrobot® was used to survey a large proportion of Mull on behalf of the Mull & Iona Community Trust. 

The report identified 46 schemes ranging from 10kW to 788kW that looked attractive.  Nine of these were subsequently selected for closer examination and babyHydro carried out the pre-feasibility studies.  And of these two are being progressed towards implementation.

Tyne & Wear Catchments

The Wear and Tyne river valleys were surveyed during the summer of 2010 to identify sites with potential for financially viable small hydroelectric schemes.  The report covered the rationale and methodology for the study, as well as the results at two levels: a high-level, region-wide survey revealing 89 locations with the potential to generate a total of 5.4MW of power, and more detailed site evaluations on an agreed shortlist of 12 sites.  The report was presented by Nick Forrest at a public meeting.

Perth & Kinross Council
In September 2011 babyHydro was commissioned by Perth and Kinross Council to calculate the potential capacity for generating electricity through new hydroelectric schemes within Perth and Kinross. The outputs will inform the Council’s Renewable Energy Capacity Study, and as such were required to include location, size and financial details of potential sites.  Some 364 sites were identified with a collective installed capacity of 37.6MW.