Relevance to Other Countries

The Hydrobot model can be applied to any other country and used for the same range of applications.  It does require local data to be acquired and inserted, such as:

  • Topographical data in the form of raster or XYZ elevation datasets  
  • Historical river flow data for the catchment area by tributaries to identify mean flows and Flow Duration Curves
  • Electrical distribution network structure and routing (digitally mapped) including line and substation strength.  Additionally, if possible, maps of areas with grid capacity constraints and thus where permission to connect is likely to be restricted  
  • Electricity prices and trends, revenue support grants, capital grants and any other relevant financial factors
  • Identification of locally available hydro technology (turbines and generators) and associated pricing information
  • Local engineering practices, conceptual design differences, and comparative cost information
  • Digital maps of environmentally sensitive areas, with the effect of sensitivity on hydro development

We are actively seeking partners to extend the functionality to other countries.

For more information please see our Overseas Brochure