Planning & SEPA Consents

Having established a sound business case through the feasibility study the next step is to apply for consents.  The two statutory consents required are:

  • SEPA - Abstraction Licence – also referred to as the CAR licence (Controlled Activities [Scotland] Regulations)
  • Local Authority - Planning Permission

SEPA’s time limit for processing an application for an abstraction licence is 4 months, and requires a fair degree of negotiation.  Planning Permission is seldom a problem for a well-researched and designed scheme, and although the process takes less time, Local Authorities will insist that the SEPA licence has been applied for before issuing formal consent.

Both require the payment of fees - which are dependent upon the output power and the footprint of the scheme.  The scheme may also need to be advertised - which is dependent upon environmental designations and proximity to neighbours.

A further practical consent required is the connection to the grid.  An application for an 'embedded generation' connection needs to be submitted to the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO).  In Scotland this  is either SHE Power Distribution or Scottish Power Energy Networks dependent upon the location of the scheme.

Contact us to discuss your particular scheme and we will provide a fixed price quotation for preparing and submitting the applications.