Hydrobot® is a GIS-based model designed to analyse regions or whole countries and identify sites suitable for a profitable hydroelectric scheme.


  • Identifies river stretches with appropriate gradient, showing optimum locations for intake(s) and powerhouses
  • Determines available power
  • Estimates construction costs
  • Calculates the total financial benefits from electricity generation and export

Our technology is making headlines

Hydrobot® was first employed on a project led by The Forum for Renewable Energy in Scotland (FREDS) on behalf of the Scottish Government.  It was used to identify some 1,000 stretches of river capable of producing in excess of 650 Megawatts and this led to a report on “The Employment Potential of Scotland’s Hydro Resource

See press release here

BabyHydro uses Hydrobot to provide initial assessment of the potential across an estate or region, or on a single river. We have also adapted the model over the years, adding modules to identify particular types of sites for various clients. Please contact us if you have a river-based technology and require a GIS solution to identify your targets.

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