If you have access to a burn or river, we can give you an initial opinion on its hydropower potential, or for smaller burns, instructions on how to gauge its potential yourself.

If Hydrobot has identified potential, or you are confident there is a good prospect, then the next step is to have a Pre-Feasibility Study carried out.


This requires a visit to the site and an initial inspection of the watercourse, usually accompanied by the landowner so that the rationale for decisions can be explained.


The outcome is a pre-feasibility report that includes:

  • Assessment of the main watercourse features and surrounding terrain
  • Identification of the preferred abstraction point(s)
  • Identification of the preferred location(s) of the powerhouse
  • Assessment of the usable head plus determination of the water flow available for abstraction, and therefore a forecast of the available output power
  • Assessment of construction access issues
  • Observations on the local Electrical Distribution Network and options for grid connection or local consumption
  • Observations on any potential environmental issues, including a view on SEPA’s likely response to any application for an abstraction licence
  • Outline diagram showing the layout options for potential schemes, including; abstraction point, route of penstock, site of powerhouse and electrical network connection point
  • Photographs illustrating the key features
  • Estimate of the cost of all equipment and works required to create a scheme
  • Forecast of the value of the electricity generated – from consumption off-set, exporting to the grid and through generation Feed-In Tariffs
  • Estimate of the payback period and thus the outline business case
  • Identification of key risks
  • Recommendations on next steps

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